Lads & Ladybugs


Marie Wagar

Welcome!  We are Sue and Angela, a mother/daughter duo, selling children’s clothing, party supplies, and any other fun odds and ends we find along the way!  From the time I was a teenager, we have loved visiting cute, quaint boutique shows, pop up shops, and street markets and had fun dreaming about what fun businesses we could start together someday. 

One afternoon in 2011, driving to the Park City, Utah outlets, we were having a similar conversation that we had previously had many times before.  “How much fun would it be….” My mom turned to me and said, “Let’s stop talking about it and just do it!”  I was taken by surprise.  I was enjoying being a stay at home mom to the cutest 18 month old little boy with no plans of working.  My parents had recently divorced and my mom had just gone back to work.  In my mind, it did not seem like the ideal time for either of us.  But, after a little more discussing, we decided there was never going to be an “ideal” time and we were going to go for it! 

We have always loved children’s clothing (I mean, who doesn’t though!).  It was quite the chore for my mom when I was little to find clothes for me.  We would go shopping and I would tell her, pointing to different items of clothing, “I want this shirt, in this fabric, in this color.”  Not many moms would have put up with that!  She wanted me to feel good in what I was wearing.  While my husband and I struggled for years with infertility, my cute, anxious to be a grandma, mom filled up a chest full of baby clothes knowing that someday she would finally get her grandbabies.  Getting to handpick our favorite items to sell has been a dream come true!

Our little business has evolved over the years and we decided it was finally time to build a website.  So, here we are!  Welcome!  Please let us know if you have any questions or there is anything we can help you with.